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Val Hochberg

Val Hochberg (Val Brazier) was born in the freezing cold snows of Buffalo, NY but moved to the burning heat of the Phoenix deserts to pursue a comic career. She is the sole mastermind behind the ongoing comic series “Mystery Babylon”, following the adventures of Kick Girl (a demon who doesn’t kick people as much as her name would lead you to believe).
She really likes Star Wars, Dragon Age, and her Boosterific husband, Scott.

Kick Girl Volumes 1-3 (2007 – 2009)
Mystery Babylon (2010 – Present)

Star Wars: Galactic Files Series 1 (2012)
Star Wars: Galactic Files Series 2 (2013)
Mars Attacks: Invasion (2013)
Star Wars Illustrated: A New Hope (2013)
Star Wars: Chrome (2014)
Star Wars: Masterworks (2015)

Cryptozoic Entertainment
The Walking Dead Comic Set 2 (2012)
DC Comics: The Women of Legend (2013)
Archer (2014)
Adventure Time (2014)
DC Comics: Epic Battles (2014)
DC Comics: Super-Villains (2015)

5finity Productions
Painkiller Jane (2011)
Josie and the Pussycats (2011)
Lady Death Series 2 (2012)
Kitty Ditties & Pretty Ladies (2012)
Women of Zorro (2013)
Grimm Fairy Tales (2013)
Lady Death vs Shi (2013)
Zombies vs Cheerleaders (2013)
Cherry Series 2 (2013)
Babes of the Dead (2014)
Zenescope’s Oz (2014)
Zenescope’s Grimm Fairy Tales (2014)
5finity Holiday Cards: Featured Artist of 2014 (2014)
5FUNity (2015)

Versicolor Productions
Bettie Page (2013)

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